Mergers and acquisitions are two different things. The two terms both refer to the consolidation of companies or their major business assets through financial transactions between companies. However, they have some differences: A merger is when two separate companies join and create a new organization. An acquisition is when one company takes over another company or purchases it outright. A deal can be classified as a merger or an acquisition based on whether the acquisition is friendly or hostile and how it is announced. Unfriendly or hostile takeover deals, in which a company does not want to be purchased, are always considered acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions help companies gain significant market share.

Businesses interested in mergers and acquisitions highly benefit from working with experienced lawyers. Having a good legal team helps to avoid risks that come with mergers and acquisitions.

Seeking legal advice during mergers and acquisitions helps in various ways:

  • Mergers and acquisitions involve signing Contracts and following laws. The lawyer’s expertise speeds up the process as they know all the rules and laws associated with the deal.
  • During mergers and acquisitions, negotiations are part of the process. A lawyer ensures you do not shortchange yourself in the process. The lawyer also knows where to start, the questions to ask and how far they can go during the negotiations.
  • A lawyer reviews the Contract and offers an expert opinion. They ensure the Contract protects your interests. A lawyer can detect loopholes in the Contract that might be an issue later.
  • An essential part of mergers and acquisitions is having all documents necessary to facilitate the deal, and our attorneys can prepare all the documents you need including, but not limited to, closing documents, nondisclosure agreements, employment agreements, noncompete agreements, dissolution documents and many others.
  • The attorney will represent you in Court if the merger or acquisition process becomes contentious or is not honored. Litigation is not easy, but a lawyer will be able to represent your interests.

With offices located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Bobo, Hunt & White has been successful with many business purchases, mergers and acquisitions. We represent the buyer or the seller in various industries during the mergers and acquisitions process. Contact us for help with mergers and acquisitions or other legal services.

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