The retail industry continues to be the primary channel through which goods are moved, volume is created, and jobs are produced. However, while e-commerce continues to charge forward, when resources are not owned outright, physical leasing is still necessary whether for a storefront, offices, warehousing, production or distribution space. For many businesses, a Facility Lease represents one of the most significant commitments and financial liabilities for a business.

Leasing Laws

Leases fall under three kinds of law: contracts, property and commercial law. All three are combined to govern how Lease Agreements are put together, impacting everything from the terminology used to how Lease Agreements are enforced. Because most businesses are focused on delivering goods or services or both, Leases tend to be an afterthought, which means they can also be a trap for a business unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Lease requirements.

Leasing Expertise in Shelbyville

At Bobo, Hunt & White, our legal counsel helps businesses of all sizes navigate the confusion of commercial leasing. We have regularly worked with landlords, property managers and businessowners of all types with different lease options to accommodate growth needs over time. Do not struggle on your own to make sense of a complicated Lease. The landlord is guaranteed to use confusing legal forms and have advisement of counsel; match the guidance on your side with the same.

Keep in mind, even franchising will run into Lease issues. Not everything is handled by the Franchise Agreement. Our team at Bobo, Hunt & White is available to help your business grow without having to worry about confusion over Lease terms.

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