Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure. For many years, mediation has been used to successfully resolve disputes. This process is available to civil litigants as a means of providing a quicker, less expensive, and potentially more satisfying alternative to continuing litigation in a case without impairing the quality of justice or the right to a trial.

Rule 31 General Civil Mediation

The standards and procedures adopted under Rule 31 of the Tennessee Supreme Court Rules apply only to Rule 31 Mediations and Rule 31 Mediators serving pursuant to this Rule. The standards and procedures do not affect or address the general practice of mediation or alternative dispute resolution in the private sector outside the ambit of Rule 31. Pursuant to the provisions of this Rule, a Court may order the parties in an Eligible Civil Action to participate in a Rule 31 Mediation.

“Eligible Civil Action” includes any civil action filed in a Court in which the Court has continuing jurisdiction, except civil commitments, adoption proceedings, habeas corpus and extraordinary writs, juvenile delinquency, or dependency and neglect cases.

A “Rule 31 Mediation” is an informal process in which a Rule 31 Mediator conducts discussions among the parties that are designed to enable them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement among themselves on all or any part of disputed issues: 1) in or related to an Eligible Civil Action; or 2) in any civil dispute in which the Rule 31 Mediator and the parties have agreed in writing that the mediation will be conducted pursuant to Rule 31.

A “Rule 31 Mediator” is any person listed by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission (ADRC) as a mediator who has complied with all applicable renewal listing and continuing education requirements and is approved by the ADRC to conduct Court-Ordered Mediations.

Bobo, Hunt & White Attorney S. Todd Bobo is a Rule 31 Listed Mediator for general civil litigation matters. Therefore, whether you are looking for an attorney to accompany you to a mediation or you have been Court Ordered to mediation and are looking for a Rule 31 Mediator, our office can assist you. Contact us online through the form below or call 931-684-4611 for mediation assistance.

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