While companies continue to transform how they operate on multiple levels, both physical and through e-commerce, there is a continuing fact that every firm ultimately needs to address — financing.

Banking and Financing

Banking and finance lawyers work for either a borrower (an individual or a company), or a lender (usually a bank). Most of their time is spent negotiating the Contract terms for a loan to make sure their client gets a fair and airtight deal.

Bobo, Hunt & White has represented may borrowers and lenders in many different aspects of banking and finance. We represent various banking institutions in everything from preparing Contracts and Loan Agreements to collections, filing creditor claims in Bankruptcy Court, foreclosures and other legal remedies when there is a default on a loan.

Banking and financing attorneys are also essential for companies of any size to grow. With new payment tools and financial resources coming online, money is easier to borrow, but the terms may not be clear; therefore, businesses must pay close attention to ensure their borrowing activities stay within realistic boundaries. More than one company has found this out the hard way.

At Bobo, Hunt & White, our team can provide critical guidance on financial filings, Loan Agreement terms with both traditional and non-traditional sources and much more. If your Middle Tennessee company is struggling with finance and banking or access to new markets, it is time to talk to our Bobo, Hunt & White team. We can help you and your business!

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