Construction law is the combination of all areas of law that deal with construction, engineering, and infrastructure. Construction law has many regulations and covers a range of legal issues related to building or structure construction. Understanding the construction law is very important if you are caught up in a situation involving construction disputes or defects.

Construction Lawyers

Construction lawyers work with various clients, including property owners, large companies, individual workers, sureties, and others. You would need a construction lawyer for many reasons, but payment disputes and workmanship issues are the most common. Whether or not you need a construction lawyer for your case depends on your individual circumstances, but here is a list of ways a legal professional specializing in construction law can assist you:

  • Contract drafting. A construction lawyer helps with writing and reviewing Contracts
  • Legal representation in wrongful death lawsuits and personal injury due to construction defects
  • Personnel/employee relations issues
  • Business planning and formation
  • Obtaining a Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Lien or a Construction Lien against a property if you have not received payment for your work

Hiring a construction lawyer is not mandatory, but having a legal professional representing you is definitely beneficial. Bobo, Hunt, & White specializes in various practice areas, including construction law. Established in 1934, it has decades of professional legal experience. Call us to discuss your legal issue or schedule your first consultation with a lawyer.

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