Business and corporate ventures involve many different phases and parties. There are entity formations, contracts, sales, acquisitions, dissolutions, and a number of other transactions that need to be done on a daily basis. Legal help is needed to ensure that the different parties involved fulfill their duties and that disputes can be resolved. View our focus areas below:


A Contract is a vital part of any business venture. It can be the Contract between partners stipulating the different responsibilities or a Contract between a seller and a buyer. Regardless of who the parties involved are, for a Contract to be legally binding, it must contain an offer, an acceptance, an intention to form a legal relationship, and a consideration (this is typically money). In order to ensure that your Contract will be valid in Court, contact an experienced lawyer to help draft all Contracts.

We also prepare Lease Agreements, Rental Agreements, Deeds, Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trust and Purchase/Sale Agreements.

Sales & Acquisitions

If you are an entrepreneur, interested in purchasing an existing business or a business owner wanting to expand by buying another similar company, we can help. By discussing your options with a lawyer, you can understand the risks and liabilities associated with the acquisition of a business.

We also help business owners who are interested in selling a business. We can help to arrange a sale that will help you achieve your objectives in selling your business.

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