It is a known fact that many people suffer from workplace injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has regulations in place to protect workers, especially in fields that are considered more dangerous than others, like the construction industry. Even with the safety rules and regulations, accidents happen, and workers get hurt. Due to this, the Workers’ Compensation Program was implemented.

When an employee suffers a workplace injury, he or she may qualify for benefits, monetary and medical, from the company. The Workers’ Compensation Program is designed to provide help and aid to the injured employee without proving fault against the company or another worker. The business pays into this program so that, in the event of a workplace accident, the benefits to the employee are already paid. The Tennessee Department of Labor states that those who are injured at work may be eligible for wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation under Workers’ Compensation.

While this program appears to be straightforward, the process of submitting a claim and receiving the benefits can be long and complex. During a time when you are already suffering from an injury, it is important to consult a Workers’ Compensation attorney who can quickly and effectively process your claim to ensure that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

We understand the law and have the experience to successfully approach your case to resolve your claim. We represent employees in different industries such as factory workers, construction employees, restaurant servers and many more. If you have suffered a workplace injury, call us for a consultation. We can help.

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