Municipal law is specific to a particular City, Town, County, Township or Municipality. Usually, municipal law includes such things as property taxes, education policies, police power, zoning laws and others.

There is a group of elected officials in each Municipality who are responsible for creating new municipal laws. The elected officials must always create laws that will benefit both the Municipality and the residents. Therefore, a County or City hires a municipal lawyer in Tennessee who will counsel the elected officials and help them make the right decisions according to municipal law.

Municipal Attorneys

Municipal lawyers act as the Municipality’s attorneys for specific legal matters and can serve as advocates for the Municipalities they represent before administrative agencies, Courts, commissions and boards. Municipal attorneys can also act as private legal counsel by providing legal services to individuals, corporations, and partnerships and can serve as advocates for those private entities before other Municipalities’ administrative agencies, Courts, commissions and boards.

It is important to remember that municipal law is very complex in general, so it is essential to consult or work with an experienced municipal law attorney with years of professional experience in this field. Suppose you are a developer, builder, economic development corporation, or business owner involved in a dispute with a Municipality in Tennessee. In that case, you may need the legal expertise of a municipal attorney. Our office currently represents Bedford County, City of Shelbyville, Moore County and the Town of Wartrace.

If you are searching for representation in Municipalities near Shelbyville, Bedford County, such as Coffee, Lincoln, Marshall and Moore Counties in Tennessee, do not look any further – Bobo, Hunt & White is ready to assist you. Our lawyers have excellent combined experience and have already helped hundreds of clients. If you want to discuss your case, know more about our services and other practice areas, or schedule your first consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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