If you or your property is involved in some type of incident or accident where someone was injured or there was property damage, they may try to sue you for their injuries. Having the right type of insurance can protect you against these situations. If your insurance covers it, you may be entitled to insurance defense which pays for your legal defense in such situations.

Types of Insurance Defense

Auto insurance is the most common type of insurance that may help cover your defense. If you were involved in an automobile accident and someone was injured or there were damages, they may try to sue you. Your auto insurance company will cover your insurance defense.

Homeowners’ insurance is another type of insurance that may offer insurance defense. If someone slips and falls on your property and they try to sue you, your insurance company typically covers an attorney’s cost of representing you.

Commercial insurance can help with defense costs. If you are manufacturing products, commercial insurance may cover you in case of product liability cases; or, if you own a commercial building, commercial insurance may cover you in the event of injuries on your property such as slip and fall accidents.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is another type of coverage that most businesses have which covers the cost of the company’s defense in the event the company is sued by an injured worker. All construction companies and coal mining companies are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, as well as every other company in Tennessee which has five or more employees, unless they qualify as a self-insured employer with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Insurance Coverage

In addition to defending you against lawsuits, an insurance defense lawyer may also help you when it comes to determining coverage with an insurance company. If an insurance company is trying to deny coverage, an insurance defense attorney may be able to help you get the coverage that your policy provides.

An insurance defense attorney at Bobo, Hunt & White can help you serving Bedford County, as well as Coffee, Lincoln, Marshall and Moore Counties. Whether you are looking for an attorney to defend you against a lawsuit that has already been filed, or you are looking to determine coverage and get help with a denied insurance claim, we are here for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation. Please keep in mind that we represent multiple insurance companies, so please advise the name of your insurance company when you call in order to determine if a conflict is present.

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