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Estate Planning

Planning for you future can be overwhelming but it is an important step to ensure that your future, and your family’s future, is protected. Setting up a comprehensive estate plan ensures that your family is taken care of in the event of a tragedy. An estate plan can be as limited as asset distribution in the event of your death to a comprehensive healthcare plan to ensure your wishes are followed. See below to view our areas of emphasis.

Wills: A will is a legal document drafted to divide assets upon the event of death. The person can dictate how the assets will be divided but there are state laws that govern how wills are drafted and used. If the will is not in accordance with the state laws, it will be void. Drafting your will with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney will ensure that your will is valid.

Trusts: Powers of Attorney: There are different versions of a power of attorney. The basic idea is that you are giving a specific person the right to act on your behalf in the case of a specific event. This can be a limited power of attorney to covers a specific event, such as signing a property deed when you are out of town, to a general power of attorney that is comprehensive, allowing the person of your choice to makes all decisions for you. Discussing your needs with an attorney will help you to understand which type of power of attorney will be best for you.

Estate Probate: This is the process of legally validating a will and appointing an executor to administer the estate. It is also the process that property and assets are divided in case the deceased loved one did not have an estate plan in place. We can help you through this process and ensure that your loved one’s wished are fulfilled.

Conservatorships & Guardianship: When a person is not able to make decisions due to a medical condition or special circumstance, a guardian or conservator may be appointed. A guardian is charged

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